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About us

100 Years of Excellence

On October the 6th 2021 Rosgosstrakh celebrated 100th anniversary. Today the company is one of the major insurance players on the Russian market with more than 12 million private and 240,000 corporate clients in all regions of Russian Federation. More than 1,600 regional offices and over 30 000 insurance agents provide full range of high-quality insurance products from popular car insurances to mobile devices and spacecraft insurances.

Today we offer more than 50 different types of insurance to cover individuals and businesses. Our success and sustainable growth is all due to the day-to-day commitment of our people. Our team is there to help clients deal with incidents quickly and with most possible comfort.

Exceptional Claim Service

At Rosgosstrakh we work hard to make insurance simpler, faster and more reliable for our clients. And we do our best to keep our claim service absolutely stress-free. In our claim centers clients are treated with care, speed and efficiency.

Our unique nationwide network of more than 140 claim centers across Russia is equipped with the ClaimCenter software — an advanced world-known system. Our personnel is trained to provide flawless and quick claim settlement and client assistance in any part of the country no matter where the insurance policy was purchased.

  • We operate a fast efficient call center service:
  • we are open 24/7 365 days a year;
  • in 80% of cases the waiting time does not exceed 20 seconds;
  • we deal with more than 3 million telephone calls a year;
  • 205 phone agents are waiting daily for clients’ calls;
  • Rosgosstrakh mission is to protect the well-being of Russian people providing relevant insurance products and services.


We have a very strong Corporate Philosophy and Principles which guide everything that we do. These are:

  • A high level of professional ethics & standards
  • Responsibility and honesty
  • Long-term and fruitful relationships with clients, both large and small, private and corporate
  • First-class sophisticated services
  • A wide range of competitive up-to-date insurance products
  • Reliability, transparency and effectiveness of insurance deals
  • Constant and comprehensive education and training of personnel and insurance agents.

Human Resources

  • In Rosgosstrakh we cherish our committed staff and friendly atmosphere.
  • We strive to make continuous improvements in the level of client-friendly service and agent efficiency
  • We have our own team of trainers, who operate year round throughout the country to enhance the expertise of insurance agents and employees
  • We were the first Russian insurance company to introduce Internet-based remote training for thousands of employees and insurance agents including those operating in remote areas.

Core Businesses

Our products cover the following insurances for personal and business clients:

  • MTPL
  • Casco
  • Private property (household, apartment)
  • Mortgage insurance
  • Corporate property
  • Corporate liability insurance
  • Building and construction
  • Cargo
  • Business and financial risks
  • Voluntary health insurance
  • Accident
  • Agriculture and crops

Company Structure

The largest company by geographical presence — 83 regions of the Russian Federation
More than 1,600 points of sale and customer service

Company Facts

Successor of Soviet State Insurance Monopolist Gosstrakh (founded in 1921)
Rosgosstrakh is one of the leading nationwide insurance companies in Russia with 100 years of experience

  • The company ranks among the TOP 5 major insurers in the country
  • One of the market leaders in premiums in non-life insurance
  • High national and international ratings: Expert RA: ruAA
  • Best known insurance brand in industry Russia — brand awareness 92%
  • 140 claims settlement centers across Russia
  • More than 12 million individual and 240,000 corporate clients
  • Around 50 000 personnel and insurance agents
  • The company has all licenses (License No. 0001) for insurance activities permitted by the Russian law.

Our History

Rosgosstrakh has a century of history, evolving from the time when insurance was a state-delivered and regulated service to the present-day market-driven leadership position.

It has been able to preserve the confidence of millions of its clients while reviving the old and universally respected brand name, modernizing it and infusing it with a new distinct drive, confidence and reliability. Today, the Rosgosstrakh brand name is immediately recognized right across Russia and attracts millions of clients every year.

Where Are We Now

  • Centralization of strategic and operating functions
  • Best known insurance brand, 95% brand awareness
  • Integrated sales, marketing and centralized claims settlement functions
  • Consistent standards and technology
  • New competitive insurance products
  • High levels of recruitment
  • Young, energetic and competent management team

We enjoy our work and each person we help makes it more worthwhile.